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Buying a home is a big deal – and you can do it! You might have a lot of questions about things like qualifying for a mortgage, hiring a professional to help you, knowing when you are ready to buy, and how to afford payments. We're here to help.

    I'd like to meet with an advisor to get ready to buy a home.

    I'm seeking down payment assistance.

    I'd like to attend a Home Stretch workshop to learn more about buying a home.


When your house needs help and it’s time to hire the pros, NeighborWorks Home Partners is ready to lend a hand with affordable home improvement financing.

    I'm a homeowner, and I need help financing necessary repairs for my home.


Are you behind on your mortgage payments or at risk of falling behind? Or, would you like to save money by reducing the interest on your mortgage?

    I need help refinancing my mortgage.

    I'm worried about or already behind on my mortgage payments.

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